Hi! I'm
Matteo Matteo

I'm a
Designer & Frontend Developer
based in Italy

Matteo Baratin - UX UI Designer
Special Kudos Award

No Country
for Creatives

It’s not a long-term condition fortunately: time and commitment are the perfect mix to change things and reach goals, the gold ones.
It’s dynamic world, technologies run high rushes and every day is a good day to find out new ways to design.

I’m a designer, a developer, an inquisitive man and an everlasting dreamer.
I’m a creative mind.


UX/UI Design

Graphic Design

Frontend Dev


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It's amazing
working for

Like Subatomic Particles

From the encounter or confrontation, it's always born a new something. And the most prepared minds lead original and innovative ideas.
For this reason the teamwork brings great results, we are like particles in a digital world.

Alpenite - Never stop!

And travelling
new places

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