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Role - Visual Designer


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On the occasion of the IAB Forum 2022 in Milan, create a book with 26 artworks inside (one for each letter of the alphabet) using the most modern and innovative technologies.

26 artworks to define "The Alphabet of New Marketing", created by 4 Senior Designers reinterpreting the letters of the alphabet. Which will then be printed in A3 poster format as well as inserted into a book.


A space to experiment with new cloud technologies and AI

We are between 2022/2023, and there is still not this great ferment for AI technologies as is happening at the moment, perhaps because the first Midjourney and Dall E platforms, while achieving incredible results, still seem to be immature to be considered production of material that can be used in digital projects.

But since it is an internal project, and therefore without policy constraints or stringent needs, we had the opportunity to range with tools that until then we had not experienced, not only AI technologies but also new cloud services for 3D modeling such as Spline, which is increasingly gaining ground thanks also to a very active community and a constant update of the tool.

This led me to model the first shapes and write the first prompts, creating artwork that represents the letters of the alphabet, and the ones that follow are the result of my experiments.



This was definitely a great opportunity for me, meeting a person like Marco Fasoli (so passionate about AI) was really very inspiring, it's always nice to meet people who have something to share with so much interest.

Subsequently, I explored the potential of AI in the creation of assets to be used in digital products, to the point of creating a shared speech with my FJORD team focused precisely on my experience and what I have learned.

I also found it amazing how Spline allowed me to approach 3D modeling in such an easy and accessible way, it was really exciting to experiment with shapes, lighting and textures to create original looks for my letters, it's definitely one tool to keep an eye on for the future, who knows, maybe it will be the main tool for building the AR of the future.