Contest - UI Design - 2021

The exhilirating mobile-ui design contest

Designflows is a mobile UI design contest organized by Bending Spoons. The 2021 version have seen the participation of more than 5000 designers from all Europe, and the 40 finalists of contest has participated in the winning ceremony in the Bending Spoons HQ.

And yea, I'm one of the finalists of this contest, and it was amazing!

The goal and the brief

The brief was created around a very original concept: in an era where the life becoming more a sharing of products and services (it just see where the mobility companies are moving) and the home spaces becoming small and functional. In this scenario is evident how it is important for people having a services that allow them to make a DIY activities without having to commit to buying expensive tools that they would use just one time.

So the brief of this contest was creating three screens of a DIY rental app, one icon, and (optional) one animation. All of these in only two (really intense) days.


The fascination of DIY drove the visual concept

How I can design something that call of DIY world, the beauty of the creation of something with our hands learning the art of do himself. When we were kids, what are the first thing that we learned to do in DIY?
In the month that I participated in the contest, I'm watching a TV series call Kidding, and I was fascinating of the collage style with that the creators has ideated the episodes openings.
And the intuition it was immediate, creating a set of illustration that recall the collage style, simulating shapes cuts with scissors and using colors similar to the paper.





The experience was great.
An excellent organization that of Bending Spoons, which allowed the participants to come to Milan and meet all together the day before the ceremony. It was a nice icebreaker to melt away the tension of the event, and spend an evening all together sharing the sensations experienced by participating in the contest.

After the experience of the pandemic, this contest was like a fire in a camp, where all people came together to share their passion for design. Again